About Us

Welcome to BlackMagik

We (Kendra "Lex" & Maya "Sprat") are the founders of BLKMGK. Based in Los Angeles, CA, BlackMagik is an urban-art brand that is an expression of our love of black art, culture and fashion. BlackMagik produces, markets & distributes artistic and culturally inspired products.

At BlackMagik we value and thrive in the creativity of art and culture by expressing memories through clothing with passion and complete transparency. We turn culture into fashion. Our products reconnect you with those magical moments in your past that are a result of great art, music and television.

Our magical moments are from the 90's. That’s why our first product is the Love & Basketball inspired Dad Cap! This image automatically brings you back to your mom's couch watching debatably one of the best movies of all time, on VHS. This is the moment that motivates and inspires us. Our products and vision will help you truly understand that art is a universal language.

We thank everyone for all the support and kind words. We are beyond blessed to share our vision and this journey with you all.

"Wherever I go I bring the culture with me, so that they can understand that it's attainable…"- Jay Z

-Stay black, it's magik.

Lex & Sprat